Friday, 25 March 2011

This Week, I Am Mostly Worried About...

Last week i found out about a guy at my university call Tom, he makes videos and posts them on Youtube under the name TomSka.
His videos are so funny that now i hate him.

Ok, thats' not true, but he made me realise that I think I may be losing my creativity.

This is the kinda thing i used to make

I haven't made anything that I've been proud of for ages, I used to make clips for fun, and since i started studying film at university, it feels like i'm making videos because I have to, not because im passionate about it.

So i started thinking about making a new video just for youtube, and i couldn't think of anything! I really believe that my brain is dying!
I'm hoping its just a dry patch, and that I can't think of anything because im trying to force an idea out of my head, when it should just come to me when i least expect it.

I always heard about people losing their creativity as they get older, but i wasn't expecting it to happen so soon!

I used to have funny ideas like every day, I checked out some of my old comics (i used to love drawing)
and some of the ones that i forgot about actually made me laugh out loud, I was like 'hold on, am i allowed to laugh at my own jokes?'

They are stupid, but at least i could think of stupid stuff back then

Well there are absolutely tons of these comics that i was looking through, most of them are pretty stupid, but it made me laugh at how much of a weirdo i was :)

Hopefully this blog will help me express myself, and exercise my brain a little bit.

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