Sunday, 27 March 2011

Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks is the best TV show ever.
Why have I only just discovered this awesome show?
I am seriously loving Twin Peaks right now, I have Twin Peaks fever.
No other show is even close to Twin Peaks, the whole atmosphere is unique.

People seriously need to watch it, if you haven't been introduced to it, watch it right now.
Every day this week i have watched an episode, I really don't want it to end because its Awesome.
See ya

Friday, 25 March 2011

This Week, I Am Mostly Worried About...

Last week i found out about a guy at my university call Tom, he makes videos and posts them on Youtube under the name TomSka.
His videos are so funny that now i hate him.

Ok, thats' not true, but he made me realise that I think I may be losing my creativity.

This is the kinda thing i used to make

I haven't made anything that I've been proud of for ages, I used to make clips for fun, and since i started studying film at university, it feels like i'm making videos because I have to, not because im passionate about it.

So i started thinking about making a new video just for youtube, and i couldn't think of anything! I really believe that my brain is dying!
I'm hoping its just a dry patch, and that I can't think of anything because im trying to force an idea out of my head, when it should just come to me when i least expect it.

I always heard about people losing their creativity as they get older, but i wasn't expecting it to happen so soon!

I used to have funny ideas like every day, I checked out some of my old comics (i used to love drawing)
and some of the ones that i forgot about actually made me laugh out loud, I was like 'hold on, am i allowed to laugh at my own jokes?'

They are stupid, but at least i could think of stupid stuff back then

Well there are absolutely tons of these comics that i was looking through, most of them are pretty stupid, but it made me laugh at how much of a weirdo i was :)

Hopefully this blog will help me express myself, and exercise my brain a little bit.

Well Hi!


This really seems like something i should be doing.  I've always wanted to have a blog, and here I am!

I want you to know something from the start, Im not sure if i'll write very often, and I'm pretty hopeless at stuff like this. I would be surprised if I got even one follower. Bear with me on this.

My name is Cory, this is my blog, Hey Cory!
Pretty suitable name i'd say.